The 101 on How to Set up Your Online Business by Christiane Jechoux

The 101 on How to Set up Your Online Business

From Domain Name to Creating Your Website...
My Course Takes You by the Hand..
Shows You How Easy It Is to Set up your Own Business Virtually!

What's This Course About & How Will It Help You?

Are You Ready to Set up Your Online Business & Move from Domain Name to Website Creation...?
Are you Ready to 'Get Things Done'? Great!

Maybe You Are Not Quite Sure by Where to Start & Bit Confused by It All?
I hear you, and I'm Here to Help.

An Easy to Follow Course, Presented in a Non-Geeky Language...
Clear, Up-To-Date & Candid. 

Everything You Need to Create the Foundation of Your Online Business.
Everything You Need to Make Your Online Dreams a Reality...

What Will You Find?

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Module One: So You Want to Open Your Online Business?
Welcome to My Course!
So, What’s a Blog Afterall?
Building Your Success - Blogging & Money
Building Your Success - Finding Your Niche
Building Your Success - Your Writing Style
Building Your Success - Designing Your Website/Blog
Steps on How to Promote Your Website/Blog
Revenue Streams - Affiliate & Email Marketing
Let’s Recap & Move Forward...
Module Two: Let's Jump in and Do It…
Step #1: What is a Domain Name?
Step #2: What is Web Hosting?
The in’s & out of Choosing Your Domain Name
Creating with WordPress & Choosing the Right Platform!
Registering Your Domain Name… Is It Still Available?
From Domain Name to Opening Your Web Hosting Account!
Module Three: Setting Up WordPress - Finally!
Setting up the WordPress Platform - It’s Easier Than You Think!
Installing an SSL Certificate - What Is It & Why You Need It.
Claiming Your Blog - WordPress 101 Set up…
Module Four: Choosing & Installing Your WordPress Theme
Creating Your First Website. What’s out There & What Works...
Choosing and Installing Your WordPress Theme
Simplifying your Website/Blog’s Design Process
Gutenberg & WordPress Plugins
Recommended WordPress Plugins
WordPress Website Builders
Congrats - You Did It!
Here's a Little Gift for You.... a Free Genesis/Studiopress WordPress Template