There's No Place Like Home...

Hi, my name is Christiane Jechoux. CJ for short.

Who am I? First of all, I’m a Geek. I’m a Geek with a big heart that is sometimes too honest for her own good…

I’ve been ‘on the web’ for longer than I care to admit. 

Throughout this ongoing adventure, I became a seasoned WordPress website designer, plus, Certified Social Media & Internet Marketing Consultant. In simpler words, this means that I build rocking WordPress websites...And definitely can put you on the map ‘marketing’ wise. 

On a more personal side, I’m dangerously close to being too organized. It’s a control thing I know! 

I love animals to a passion, and presently care for 2 rescues dogs & 4 cats. I’m an ancient history buff, border line ‘lethal’ gardener and somewhat 'aspiring' chef.

I have no idea what ‘spare’ time is. Honestly. 

Why? Simple, I love what I do with a passion...In other words, I feel in love with my online businesses. There’re my creations. The reason I’m up at 5am each day.  The reason I keep on learning. The reason I keep on developing and pushing forward.

They are my pride and joy. 

I challenge myself daily to better the outcome of my work. I question. I re-write. I push my personal boundaries, and look at each day as the beginning of a new adventure.

I love life and all that it has to offer…

You see, I’m a Geek with a purpose and on a mission. 

One to - Create. Inspire and Grow.

So to this I ask you… Will you join me on this new adventure?

Web Accountability Partner